Oct 11, 2021 Megha Ghosh

Coming from a place which is usually the filthier and overcrowded part of my city, I have seen a lot of rat infestations over the years. And to be honest, due to lack of awareness, my family did resort to harmful ways to get rid of these infestations, glue mats being one of them.

Glue mats which along with flat boxes with adhesives not only injure a rat but also may kill them or other animals which might get stuck on that equipment. To escape out of these sticky torture devices, some animals tear off their own limbs, and the adhesive hurts and burns their eyes. Animals with their faces caught in the glue suffocate slowly, and all confined animals suffer from hunger and dehydration. It’s unfortunate to see how even animal lovers sometimes fail to understand that rats are living beings too with senses and feelings who in order to survive are attracted to our homes.

After a traumatic incident when I discovered that two lizards, one spider and one rat were trapped in a glue mat and crying for help, we decided to resort to humane methods of keeping the rats away from our homes.

One of the methods is to use the traditional non-lethal box like traps (wooden, plastic or metal) with the bait on a spring-release entrance that closes behind the animal when they enter the trap. These mouse traps are inexpensive and widely available. But it’s important to note that one should check the boxes regularly so that they can release the rat when caught otherwise captivity can again lead to starvation.

According to a Times of India article (2017), among various home remedies to keep rats away, the most humane ways are to spread hot pepper flakes, garlic, cloves, or cotton balls with peppermint (this also makes your home smell beautiful), or spray ammonia near rat holes, your home’s entrance, or simply throughout your home. Since rats hate very strong smells, they are repulsed by these remedies which are easily available to all.

The article by Apartment Guide (2020) also tells how rats hate the sound of aluminum foil and hence making balls of aluminum foil and spreading it out throughout the house keeps them away.

Another simple technique to get rid of rats is to use repellents which are not poisonous. All you have to do is spray the repellant in any place where rats have been spotted, and they'll be gone in no time. Even while certain repellents are toxin-free, it's still a good idea to wear gloves and keep your pets away while spraying. 

Ultrasonic waves too are used to create a sound that drives mice insane. They'll be gone in a flash since they despise the sound. Simply position the device where the rats are and switch it on, and your problem will be fixed.

This device is also beneficial because it is less harmful to other pets than other methods of removing rats, as you no longer have to be concerned about the rat or your furry friends. That’s why the best way to keep the rats away is to prevent them from entering the house itself!

Rats have as much right to live in this beautiful world as much as we do. Just because we as humans have access to technology and are “higher” beings, it does not give us the power to take away other animals’ rights. Hence, it is very important to take a step back, think and resort to non-violent ways to keep away the animals which might cause us inconvenience.

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