May 28, 2020 Sumit Butola

I WONDER what I should name my DOG?

For what COLOR or BREED should I go?

A NAME that seems from a royal school, 

Or a BREED that shines, oh so cool? 


I WONDER if I should go for LABRADOR? 

Call him TIGER, for hunting is his game. 

Or MASTIFF is what I should go for? 

TOMMY sure as hell shall suit his name. 


Or maybe I am figuring this all so wrong.

Maybe a CAT has what's best to offer.

A CAT sure has an appeal of her own 

But I WONDER if it will fit my COFFER. 


BUT as I stroll down this EMPTY ROAD, 

Blimey! What's this that these eyes SEE? 

A DOG has been following me all along, 

Covered wholly in MUD and PEE. 


But just look at him go, and wag his TAIL! 

As if he wishes to fly off joyfully to the sky. 

TONGUE is out, EYES as big as pearls! 

I WONDER if I've seen a DOG this alive?


I pass a cookie and SWOOSH! It's GONE!

Now that's some crazy sleight of HAND.

I WONDER what I should call him by? 

What NAME will he surely understand?


But no matter what name I call this DOG,

He still BARKS as if to SAY A YES. 

HIS energy spreads like a contagious FOG, 

Relieving me bit by bit of all MY STRESS. 


And THAT is when it all DAWNED on me,

No matter what BREED or NAME I choose.

ANY A NAME makes a DOG wag his TAIL,


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