Parrots Should FLY FREE

Aug 11, 2019 @ 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM The Community Library Project, The Community Library Project - Agrasar, New Delhi

"Violence Does Not Give You Anything"

"Birds are Meant to be FREE"

"No One Like Cages"

These were the messages from today's workshop - from a group of 20 young brilliant minds at The Community Library Project - Agrasar. ♥️🤗

Heartfelt thanks to Mridula Koshy @Bhawna @Shashank Vasanthi Kumar for the opportunity to interact with these super enthusiastic inspiring fellas !

An art activity was conducted today at The Community Library Project - Agrasar by @Preeti Singh for a group 20 students between class 4 - 9. The theme was to show the human - animal relationship - the art way. Depicting what they think about animals, where should they live et al.

The room was full of enthusiast children, leading to superb art work. Here is a sneak peak:

Heartfelt thanks to @Bhawna @Shashank and @Mridul Koshy - the pillars of this community library.


Parrots should Fly Freely

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