Petting the Pig

Sep 08, 2021 Soumya Vijayshankar

Pets are cute and adorable non-speaking creatures that live in a human’s house. They bring love and entertainment. But there are many more things involved in taking care of one. How would I take care of a pet if I were to get one for a day?


Where Do Animals Rank on the IQ Scale?

Aug 20, 2021 Stuti Pandey

Let us look at the scale of learning in terms of their understanding, applying and analyzing any given situation.


The Therapeutic Power of Pets

Aug 16, 2021 Ruche J Chada

Have you ever had the experience of feeling depressed or lonely, like no one to talk to, like there is no one around and you just sink into a state of sadness or anxiety which you dread will grip you? Does such a feeling overwhelm you at times? However, I



Aug 06, 2021 Bindushree L

This blog attempts to bust some of the common myths about pet care so that it could be helpful to all of our furry and non-furry friends.


Are Animals Doctors?

Jul 29, 2021 Karan Acharya

Animals are the only living creatures in the world who do not ask for any favour in return for the love that they shower. With zero criticism, zero hate, zero jealousy and zero castigation, they have been human’s friends from eons. Unconditional love, affe


Think Before ‘Gifting’ a Pup

Jul 20, 2021 Seemeen Khan

Gifting a pet, whether its a puppy, a kitten or a bird is not a good idea, unless one has shown interest to have one. This article will give you wtips of what happens to the pet when the pet is gifted to somebodhy who does not want it or is too scared of i


Losing a Piece of Your Heart - what to do when your pet passes away

Jul 09, 2021 Seemeen Khan

The loss of your furry pet hurts. But it makes one more sensitive and humane. Clearly there are stages to the grief, shock, void, longing and remembrances. But there are also a few tips to grapple with the situation.\ too.


Conversations with Stray Animals in my Neighborhood

Jun 22, 2021 Arnav Gupta (14 Years)

In this blog, Arnav Gupta narrates some beautiful, sad, and touching conversations he has had with the stray dogs, cats, and birds in his neighborhood.


My Black Furry Friend

Jun 10, 2021 Kumari Tapsi

Tapsi, a class 8 school girl rescues a little puppy and makes it a part of her family.


Animal Welfare Legislation in India – Its History

Jun 09, 2021 Anshul Raj

This article discusses the laws that have been established during the Pre-Independent India and how newer ones have been added from time to time so that animals in general are treated better. At the same time, it is sad that none of laws have been implemen


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